The Migraine and Neurovascular Disease Clinic – MiND

The Migraine and Neurovascular Disease Clinic – MiND

The Migraine and Neurovascular Disease Clinic (MiND) is a multidisciplinary structure in the Robert-Debré University Hospital, Paris, France.

We are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric headaches. Migraine is part of the so-called primary headaches, which are not due to an organic cause (e.g. viral infection, sinusitis, brain inflammation). The other common type of primary headache is tension headache. The MiND Clinic is also part of a global network of research on acute pediatric stroke, the most common acute neurovascular disease in children.

The MiND Clinic’s mission is to provide a high quality multidisciplinary approach to children suffering from headache or neurovascular diseases, and to promote research and training on the causes, management and treatment of these illnesses.

We have a multidisciplinary approach to headache and provide medical and nursing care, psychological assessment and also teaching of relaxation techniques for children and for their families, if needed.

Our team

The MiND Clinic is part of the pediatric emergency department, and collaborates with the department of neurology and the pain unit.

Robert-Debré University Hospital is specialized in diagnostic neuroimaging and neurophysiological exams. Within the hospital, we work with pediatricians from different subspecialties.

A partnership with the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation in Paris provides additional support for neurophthalmology, neurosurgery and neurointerventions.


Émilie Lejay
Emilie Lejay, MD


Gina Lutz, MD

Silvia Romanello
Silvia Romanello, MD

Laurence Teisseyre
Laurence Teisseyre, MD


Luigi Titomanlio, MD, PhD, Chief



Margaux Bienvenu
Ms. Margaux Bienvenu

Honorine Delivet
Ms. Honorine Delivet

Medical Secretary

Michèle Habib
Ms. Michèle Habib


How to become a patient

Please send an email to with a detailed clinical history and contact information. Depending on your child’s symptoms, diagnostic tests may be asked before, during or after your consultation at the MiND Clinic.

Please note that potential signs of dangerous headaches are:

  • sudden headache,
  • worsening headache,
  • headache in children with chronic diseases,
  • headache triggered by coughing and efforts,
  • headache associated to neurological signs (e.g.: visual disturbances, drowsiness…).

If your child has a headache with one of the above detailed characteristics, contact your doctor immediately.

The Clinic participates to several national and international studies on pediatric headache, migraine and pediatric strokes. If you want to support us or ask for information about the studies, please send an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.